The Book


Dear Family & Friends,

I am writing my first book! While I am currently working on my official invite to follow the writing journey, please follow my Instagram for the most recent “moments” that I have along the way… until the official announcement here are a few things I can tell you.

  1. I am so nervous and excited to share it with you.
  2. I am really hoping to make this book available between late Fall 2018 and Winter 2018/19.
  3. Please pray for:
    1. Creativity in the writing process.
    2. Clarity in the editing process.
    3. Wisdom in the publishing process.
    4. Favor and more creativity in the launch process.
  4. You’ll be able to access the book right here at!

Thanks for praying and believing for great things to come out of it! I’m quite nervous and excited myself to actually be writing a book. (Seriously, who would have thought?!)

xo, sa