• Embrace The Mess (audio) A seven minute thought about Fathers (leaders) embracing the messiness of life.


This pdf will get you started in chasing that dream of yours, by filling in the chart you will find answers to get started and take your first steps! Are you ready to run?



This eWorkbook is designed to ask questions that evoke thought to build a plan for success in reaching one goal. Just one. I also listed over 30 inspiring and practical resources the Mr. and I have personally used as single adults and as a couple. Seriously, CHECK. THIS. OUT.



  • Worship (spotify playlists)

Fight To Win       Healing       ReFocus

You’ll notice I have them categorized by something I need. I listen to specific songs to help me guard my heart, allow myself to feel but not be lead by my feelings, breathe, refocus on God’s greatness, and fight to win. (Even if winning only looks like continuing on slowly…) Literally sometimes one song on repeat is what I need to keep going one day at a time. I hope you are encouraged!



* * * COMING IN 2019! * * *

My first book EVER!!! Read The Book

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