When Life Doesn’t Add Up+

All through school, even in college, I would stay up late working on homework. I would sit at the dining room table, with only the dining room light on, late into the night. My dad would be in his chair watching the news or some historical/political documentary, my mom would be doing the dishes, and … Continue reading When Life Doesn’t Add Up+

5 Things I Did As A Single Adult To Prepare For Parenting

Do you want to be a parent someday? Do you want to be a good one? I’ve been a mom for 7 years and I’ve thought about some of the things I did that really set me up for success in motherhood. Consider this list of things I did, and because I like countdowns, let's … Continue reading 5 Things I Did As A Single Adult To Prepare For Parenting

3 Things I Learned From My Mom

Happy Mother's Day! In honor of my mom this mother's day here are three things I learned from my mom, that I still try to remember and do. 1. Family First. When we were younger my mom would say this phrase all the time. "Family First." She was specifically referring to how we treat our … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned From My Mom

An Embarrassing Moment

Okay guys, let me tell you about an awkward moment I recently had. But first! I have a serious question. Does anyone else take a "Sunday" nap? If we don't have meetings or lunch appointments, all four of the Anderson's have an appointment with their pillows in the afternoon. You know what a "Sunday" nap is, … Continue reading An Embarrassing Moment

Top 5 Verses For Facing Fear

Facing Fear Series Intro: Everyone deals with fear on some level. I decided to open up and share some experiences I have had in the past, and I'm hoping you'll benefit. Grab your coffee and click the link to join me! I am excited to wrap up my Facing Fear blog series with my Top 5 Verses … Continue reading Top 5 Verses For Facing Fear