Thank you for inquiring of my book “Power of the Practical.” The heart of this book is to encourage it’s audience to read their Bible and experience how time in the word brings power to our real, practical, everyday lives.

This book will be instructional, inspirational and of course, practical.

It is written for the young adult that is beginning their relationship with Jesus and works as a tool for those who are leading or supporting them.

“Working” Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1: Power & Practical Defined

Chapter 2: The Problem With Jesus, Our Lord & Savior

Chapter 3: Power Comes From The Word and How The Bible Changes Our Lives For Real

Chapter 4: Power Comes From His Words and How To Hear God

Chapter 5: Power Comes From Understanding Times And Seasons

Chapter 6: The Paradox

Chapter 7: The Bible Doesn’t Tell You That

Chapter 8: Resting In The Power

As you finish reading this list, would you say a quick prayer of blessing and success over this project? (If I had my way, the book launch date would be December 31st, 2019 to blast us into 2020!!!) I’d so appreciate your support in this way.

For more information or to join my launch team, email me at, I’d love your help spreading the word when it’s published.