Struggling To Create Content?

If you have seen me, have you noticed the bags under my eyes? I have been up all night watching YouTube videos, scouting websites, and crunching numbers, saving for a camera and editing on my phone with a free trail on some editing app, just counting down to the day that I have to sign … Continue reading Struggling To Create Content?

Exit Strategy- Let’s all have one!

We have officially crossed the halfway mark for 2018!!! How are you doing with your resolutions and goals for the year? For me, this is the time I begin to make an "Exit Strategy" for the year. I look at how far I have come and what I can still accomplish before the next year. … Continue reading Exit Strategy- Let’s all have one!

How Much Can God Change?

🌬 About four years ago, I was living in an apartment in Vancouver, WA, with my husband and our oldest son who was three. My favorite little boy's curly hair that reached his bold silver-grey eyes always caught people's attention, and if it didn't it was his love for life and enthusiasm that made them … Continue reading How Much Can God Change?

Give Up! No, Seriously.

I remember being a working mom with my first son, and when I was pregnant again I wanted to continue working. About 5 months before our second, Brecken, was born, I was doing the dishes and clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to quit my job. I remember asking "How could I continue to … Continue reading Give Up! No, Seriously.

10 Facts To Remember When Stuck In Difficult Situations

This past week I had the incredible and highly intimidating privilege of sharing a thought on "Fatherhood" (the heart of a sheperd) with our church leaderhip team and network. I had a handful of stories to share on this topic, and I ultimately ended on sharing a story of my husband when he found out we … Continue reading 10 Facts To Remember When Stuck In Difficult Situations

5 Verses To Stand On When Believing For A Miracle

I am so grateful to everyone who read, shared, or commented on last weeks post. God has truly been so good to my family, that even though dad faced death, we saw first hand how prayers can sustain us and change things in tough times. As the praise reports and prayer requests have been coming in response … Continue reading 5 Verses To Stand On When Believing For A Miracle

Facing Death (A Fathers Day Post)

It was a Monday afternoon and I was in Portland, Oregon for college, settling into my dorm room as the Fall semester was approaching. My mom called me that day, I think it was August 13th, 2007. She said my dad had been in an accident. Fast forward two days, I was in Boise, Idaho, … Continue reading Facing Death (A Fathers Day Post)