Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! I am Stephanie Anderson aka Andersonswife. I have been married to Trevin Anderson for a decade and we have two children, Boston and Brecken. I am living a life I never thought I could actually have. I am living my dreams.

Have you ever thought about living the life of your dreams? I’m not talking about having 6-pack abs, although my husband wouldn’t mind if I did, or a stunning house the includes not only a play room, but an office, a man cave, and a garden outside you can visit and just get-a-way from it all. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if I did. 😉 But what I am talking about is those things you hoped for like overcoming obstacles, restoring a relationship that is broken, hearing God, finding significance, knowing who to marry and what career to take, how to lead people in the ministry and enjoy the process.

Life turns out to be nothing like what we are expecting and many times does not make sense.  I was born a pastors kid, married a pastors kid, and now we are both pastors, raising “pk’s” of our own. I have been in church my whole life and I’ve got to tell ya, Christianity doesn’t always seem like it makes sense, especially with how culture and just almost everything about life has changed. This blog is designed to address just that.  Each post is thoughtfully written to reach those who are trying to make sense of the Christian walk and how it relates to real life, and it is my hope that each reader finds the content encouraging, challenging, and practical every time they visit. It is my prayer that you find new ideas and (thought provoking) options that will assist you as you search for God, look for real life answers in the Bible, and dare to live a life you are dreaming about. Does that make sense?

Oh! And I love coffee, The End.


Photographer: Federico X. Photography & Design 2017

*We are a safe community! Should you choose to subscribe or engage in this blog family   all of your information is confidential and will not be shared.* I hope you will join my blog family and subscribe!

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