Living In Focus

Happy Weekend Friends!

I have a question for you. What is your life like?

Do you binge The Office for the third time this year hoping someone will text you? Are you so busy that you’re late to everything, aren’t able to really connect and have just started to ignore the texts coming in? I’ve saved the best for last when it comes to this months posts on love and relationships. If you are single or know someone who is, I want to share one way that you can thrive and that is to have a focus.

Now let me be clear your focus must be specific. “Pursuing the call of God” or “Living the dream” are examples of something to focus on that are just too general so they don’t give you any direction and they don’t help you make decisions on a daily basis.

Cuz really, what is the dream? And what is God’s call for your life?

Living a life with focus is choosing to do things on purpose. For example: having specific friends on purpose, resting on purpose, and ignoring the things that are pointless or that cause you to sin or just be unhappy on purpose.

The way you choose to do things on purpose is to fill every hour on your calendar. Once you fill in your calendar, YES every hour of it, you’ll realize how much time you have to rest, try something new, and basically “adult” well. Doing life “on purpose” doesn’t mean be busy, it means be intentional. Let nothing happen accidentally or because you’re feeling bored.

Creating focus is established by labelling every hour in your calendar. Making sure everything in your day is meaningful and that it leads to something or helps you become someone you dream of being one day.  Below is an example schedule, you could copy. Seriously, look how much sleep and time to “unwind” this person gets! Such a great stress reducer for the weekend!!!

Okay, straight honesty time! Seat belts on. You need to master thriving as a single so that way when you take on more (relational) responsibility it’s not a pressure that breaks you. It’s important to have a healthy handle on your purity, your finances, your thought life, volunteer hours and your groceries. Every relationship is a responsibility. Before you can work at having great relationships with a potential spouse, you must master your own self.

Now here is the thing, I’m not wanting to give you a list of a million things to change, I’m trusting you’ll know what to change if you look at your own schedule. Thriving while single is possible and so many singles do it. You can too! Now, if you’re wondering if you’ll always be single read this!

If you’re not worried about getting married and having sex, open your calendar and start to fill in the blanks. Focus on your free time, set goals then take the time to reach them, work on memorizing one bible verse instead of going to your social media platforms when waiting in line for coffee or at the DMV, and really enjoy your relationships. If you aren’t sure how to set and reach goals, I’ve got just the thing for you right here! Finally, when you’re bored serve your church, that will never be a waste of time and the purpose for which you are serving is more meaningful than anything else you could add to your calendar.



Sample schedule with a focus: Enjoying the weekend and being productive.





Sleep Sleep Sleep


Wake Up @6:30

Devotions (15min)


Sleep Sleep


Drive to coffee then to work Sleep Sleep


Work Sleep Wake Up




Work Sleep Go To Church


Work Wake Up @ 10:30

Devotions (15 min)

Mini Work Out (30 min)



Work (Lunch 11:30-12:15) Shower

Get ready for the day

Listen to a podcast ro read

Serve At Church


Work (Lunch) Lunch Appointment Church


Work Do homework while laundry is going (wash your bedsheets!)

Pay Bills

Lunch appointment


Work Grocery Shopping Sunday Nap!


Work Clean the house: kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet, counters/surfaces, tables, etc. Vacuum (for the love!) Sunday Nap! # Always


Work Xbox, Shopping, Go see a movie, Hobbie Still napping people!


Workout/Head Home Dinner with brother Wake Up


Prep lunches for work & school


Dinner/Shower Dinner with brother Hobbie


Hobbie or Hang Out Work on a project or research something new Hobbie


Hang Out With Friends Work on a project Unwind with podcast & go for a walk


Hang Out With Friends Rest


Unwind with book



Prep (meals/bags/clothes) for the next days activities

Unwind with tv or podcast

Be Home

Prep (meals/bags/clothes) for the next days activities


Prep for tomorrow




Sleep Sleep Sleep


Sleep Sleep Sleep