Think To Build

According to FORBES less than 25% of people keep their resolutions longer than 30 days. Only 8% reach them. Join me and be apart of the 8%!!!

Last year I set a goal to write my first book and gosh was that one goal exhausting, but I did it! And this year my goal is to publish it. (P.S. Stick with me!!! More details coming these next few months. I’m so excited!) The year before last, my only goal was to keep my workout plan for one year. Again, it was painfully difficult and discouraging at times, but I did it. So you can trust me, I know how hard it is to reach goals and build a life I want to live.

Over the holidays I worked hard to create my first eWorkbook with YOU in mind. This concludes my #goals series for January and I wanted to make sure you felt like you had the tools you needed to set and reach a goal this year.

Think To Build is officially available to download for FREE! think to build ig

I could have made this available at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to wait. You see, NOW is about the time people are reevaluating or giving up on their goals and resolutions.

My hope was to extend a helping hand (digitally speaking) that it might encourage you to keep going.

This eWorkbook is designed to ask questions that evoke thought to build a plan for success in reaching one goal. Just one. I also listed over 30 inspiring and practical resources the Mr. and I have personally used as single adults and as a couple. Seriously, CHECK. THIS. OUT.

I’m hoping you’ll download it and use it to set or reset any goals you may have begun to chase these past few weeks. I hope it gives you strength to continue in any area you find yourself wrestling. Get started and stay committed. You are #goals now it’s time to live that way.

Once you download it and have a look, please pass it on! It’s free! Also, let me know what you think.

Let’s do this guys, here we go 2019!