*Pop Up Post* Thanksgiving +Freebies

Todays pop-up post is paaaacked with all kinds of goodies for you! Grab a coffee or a glass of ice water, then grab a pen and napkin, but not a pretty napkin, you’ll want to jot down some ideas for this Thanksgiving Holiday! 

First, I’d like to share with you an interview with my mom. I can’t do a hospitality series without interviewing her, she’s always been a huge source of inspiration. 

Second, I got a short list of things you can do FOR FREE this Thanksgiving that I’m sure will make everyone feel welcome. 

And finally, a Thanksgiving Freebie to download!!! Including the BEST and easiest Homemade Dinner Roll recipe (My husband approved people!) and some simple decor ideas for setting the table. 

Okay, here we go…

Mom & Dad – Thanksgiving Holiday 2017

Hospitality can make life long friendships and refresh people of all ages. Mom says, “Hospitality is caring, sharing and giving from the heart with the spirit of excellence to the best of my abilities. My favorite is welcoming my guests and making them feel at home and comfortable enough to interact with the theme or event, and seeing their faces as they smile and their eyes light up with pure joy as they mingle, whether it be a full on dinner or cheese and crackers.”

Mom draws inspiration from pintrest when planning themes, decor and food, and technically she thinks about what her guests would prefer, to help her decide what the menu should be. 

Mom has hosted all kinds of events including family events, birthdays, baby & bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, seasonal events, city events including the 4th of July City of Caldwell, the Easter Egg Hunt for the City of Caldwell, a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in the city of Nampa, school and intern events, to hosting Easter, Christmas, Women’s Conferences, Single Parents Valentines, pastoral conferences, youth camps, holiday events for those in assisted living and even took high school students to Washington D.C. and stayed at the National Prayer Center. Now, y’all know where I get my admin skills from, right?! 😉 

She also taught me that when things get stressful to go to God first, turn on music, get creative and just keep “putting one foot in front of the other,” and keep moving forward until your vision of the event is accomplished. One more thing that is a stress reliever for her is to mentor someone else along the way, and invite them to carry the load with her.

That reminds me, mom really started hosting when she got involved in the ministry in her early twenties. She realized then that she had a gift and loves to serve and share, but it was in first grade that a seed of hospitality was planted in her heart when her babysitter would set out a nice table cloth and different bowls of crackers and cookies for mom and her brothers when they got home from school. Mom, as a child, thought it was the coolest thing. “Hospitality is really having a love for people and doing life together,” even with the little people around us.

Brecken’s 2nd Birthday

Here are some tips from my mom that can make your guests feel welcome this Thanksgiving, and they don’t cost a dime.

  1. Make yourself available to mingle with your guests and be intentional about giving them your time.
  2. Be generous (in time, talent, words, gifts, example and affection) towards every individual family member and friend that walks through your door. 
  3. Be intentional about the memories you are making with those individuals, family and friends. 

I love my mom and if you know her, you do too! Leave a comment and let us know which of these ideas you are going to do this Thanksgiving to make your guests feel welcome. Also, download the Thanksgiving Extra’s I have created just for you here at andersonswife.com! It contains a Homemade Dinner Roll recipe that is husband and kid approved, as well as some simple but nice table setting ideas. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We are blessed!

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