Reception: A Series Of Interviews On The Heart Of Hospitality (Featuring Heidi Jaquith)

The holidays are near and I am so excited to have people over to my house! For many hosting is fun but stressful and for others it’s just stressful. Which is no fun!!! If that is you or you just want some good tips subscribe to get this entire series sent to your email.

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I hope to inspire all my readers to open their homes and welcome aquaintences over to become friends, and friends that become family this holiday season. I have interviewed four AMAZING ladies for this series. I have learned so much from them and am happy to pass their heart and tips to you! Happy Hosting!

To start off I must say I am so pumped to introduce to you Heidi Jaquith, a beautiful friend whom I met in college just over 12 years ago. We met as single young adults and now we are both married with children. Heidi works as a fitness instructor at the YMCA and is married to a great man named Joel, and together they have three children, Ryker (5), Hadley (3), Emsley (aka Ems) (2). Here is the thing, I love accepting an invitation from Heidi and I know everyone will have a good time at her gatherings and that is so inspiring to me!

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Heidi loves throwing a variety of parties including, bridal showers, baby showers, book clubs, ping-pong parties, paint night, bible studies, and an annual galentine’s party and christmas cookie exchange celebration. To her, opening up her home to a group of people with the purpose of blessing them, seeing them relax or to celebrate someone specific is hospitality. She noticed she enjoyed hosting groups when she realized she could just go to bed after hosting, instead of having to drive back home. The other reason is that she really cares that people enjoy themselves, so she likes to be in charge of the party atmosphere.

When I asked her about the work load hosting can bring on and where her inspiration came from she shared a couple ideas. The first is that she is inspired to make someone feel special. She knows how exhausting hosting can be for a mom, so she is inspired to give her other mom friends some nice girl time, and a reason to dress up and spend time with other adults. Heidi values the gift of being hospitable, some people never step foot in a church and she feels like whoever walks into her home, she wants them to see the love that God has for them.

Planning a party can require alot of thought and energy. Heidi makes sure every gathering or party that she hosts always has food, people and a relaxed host. She understands that guests can’t relax if the host is stressed about the details. However, when things do get stressful she can always find support from her husband, Joel. He will help with the kids, by taking them to the park or to another room while Heidi cleans before the guests arrive. Another way she beats the stress is by writing down responsibilities, especially if it’s a party with multiple hosts coming together to celebrate someone. And at the very least she knows, if something is wrong right before the party to just let it go, and just enjoy the company.


Heidi knows that a book club or shower was successful when she recaps with her sister, or some friends about how things went. Heidi usually prepares the food for Joel’s ping-pong parties, so she’ll recap with him as well. “We recap everything.” She says.

When I asked her what tips would she give to a new hostess, I loved her response. “Think of your 5 senses: taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell. Light a candle or get some fresh flowers, turn on quiet easy listening music, have a variety of food and stay relaxed when people are arriving.” Heidi is an honest mom saying, “cleaning with kids is never relaxing, so it’s important to turbo clean. I only ever perfectly clean the downstairs. The upstairs is super scary.”

To wrap it all up, Heidi’s heart is to bless people, build a community and have fun through her gift of hospitality. Are you hosting a gathering this season? Comment below, what are you doing so that your guests feel blessed and have fun?

P.S. Heidi has recently launched a book!!!!!!!!!! It’s a resource that provides a space for someone to care about their physical and spiritual health. It is called the Intentional Daily Planner. Check it out on her blog and get a copy just in time for 2019 at For more of what Heidi does follow her on Instagram @HangingWithHeidi.

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