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I’m baaaack! September was a great month for me in a number of ways. It was also difficult, but here, I want to put a spotlight on the highlights. Remember the 3 things I told you I wanted to enjoy and complete last month?

  1. The Moms of Men course by Lisa Bevere & Havilah Cunnington. I highly recommend it for any mom, but yes, moms who are raising sons, and even more specifically, single moms. Lisa speaks directly to you, and I couldn’t agree more with the encouragement she shares. Please consider saving up to purchase this online course as a Christmas gift for a mom you love. She can go through it with a group or alone. Consider it an investment. You can find that here!
  2. My sweet Boston started second grade officially and successfully. Hey! Did you know it is at about 7 years old that kids can make their own lunches and they need adult size hangers? Yup, bye bye baby hangers, and hello to not making lunches just before getting out the door.
  3. I have written the last chapter of my book and now it’s time to revise before sending to the editor. Woohoo!

One other very special thing that happened, Trevin and I also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by going to Disney World. We had been there two other times, the first time for our honeymoon 10 years ago, and the second time was five years ago when Boston was two. So this time, Boston was seven and Brecken was two, and we absolutely loved it!


Here some big details about our trip: We arrived in Orlando on a Monday at about 2:45pm. Hurricane Florence had already moved towards and then beyond the Carolina’s, however it pushed some tropical heat and humidity in our direction, unusual for that time of the year. We were melting! We were talking with some locals who were sharing in our misery, and that it wasn’t normal. To be more specific our last two trips were hot and humid, but this trip was so bad, in the middle of the day we would go back to our hotel for naps and would all take cold showers and change our clothes. It was only like this for the first three days, the rest of our trip was great. We rocked DW when the weather settled down.

While we were there we stayed on Portland time, meaning, 8pm in Portland was 11pm in Florida. It was perfect! Every day we slept in until about 10am, had brunch around 11am, played hard until the afternoon, napped and then crushed it late through all the shows and fireworks. Bedtime was midnight, Boston thought he was the coolest kid in town staying up so late. Little did he know, that was his actual bed time, so no time was wasted on jet-lag or two year old tantrums. We slept hard and played hard. Covering 10-12 miles a day, sometimes walking, sometimes running so we don’t miss our fastpass hours, sometimes dancing and other times pausing to soak in the hot sun and enjoy being us. Just us.


I want to share with you more from our trip, but before that I wanted to invite you to join me for my next series “How To Face Anything” a series on discouragement! I’m hoping my heart comes through as I share stories from my life. Hoping that you’ll find encouragement as you lead, or find encouragement to trust leadership again if that is a place you find yourself in. That begins next weekend. Now, on to the good stuff about DW…

Brecken being two years old, believed everything was real, Boston began to see and understand that Disney was more than just singers and dancers. He began to see the technological planning, the creative mechanics and science that Disney World is. One day he and I were headed for Kilimanjaro River Rapids and while we were in line Boston asked “How did they get the fans in the jungle?” I told him to look at the “tree” that the fan is on, and to look real hard at it. He realized it was a pole that had been painted like a tree, and we talked about how the electric wires were inside. I told him, all different kinds of people with different kinds of jobs contributed to the greatness that DW is. Throughout our trip it was fun to hear him ask “Can we go on another animatronics ride?” It was fun to watch his little mind recognize the reality in the midst of the fantasy in it all. There were a few moments though, I found myself crying – from laughing so hard.


For example, we were escaping the heat in Animal Kingdom, by grabbing a seat in the theater for “It’s tough to be a bug” hosted by the characters from the movie, “It’s a bugs life.” This was a 3D show, so we were wearing the special glasses in the third row as it played. I love shows like these, because they engaged the audience with little puffs of air as a bee flew by on the screen, or little sprays of water as it rained in the show. But one moment, I’ll never forget, was when Boston for a moment believed it was real. On the screen a bug who squirts acid turned around to “spray the audience.” Boston, for some reason, had taken off his 3D glasses, so when the crowd was sprayed with “acid” and it got in his eye, he stood up, one hand on his eye, the other hand in front of him as if he was blind, had started running and yelling “It’s in my eye! It’s in my eye!” Now honestly, I’m not a mean mom, but this was hilarious. For a moment my seven year old believed it was real again and the conversation went like this:

B: “It’s in my eye! It’s in my eye!” (panicking!)

Me: “Boston, it’s fake!” (laughing, trying to calm him down)

B: “How do you know?”

Me: “It’s water!”

B: “How do you know?”

“Because Disney World is all fake!” I said in front of everyone in the theater. Gosh, my face was wet with the tears I cried from laughing so hard.


Another moment that surprised me, was on the ride It’s A Small World in the Magic Kingdom. Before our trip I created a playlist of different Disney songs that we would listen to while playing or cleaning, and one of the songs on the list was It’s A Small World After All. It was so fun to hear Boston and Brecken singing the song as we floated on the little boats through the attraction, but one thing Brecken did, caught me completely off guard. In the middle of looking around, I stopped to see how my youngest was enjoying this ride and he was looking right at me, opening and closing his mouth, like the puppets on the ride. It was creepy! But also illuminating that he saw the puppets actions and thought to copy. I was just like “Oh!” Every time after that we would make drummer actions when seeing drummers, we would shake our hips as best we could when we got to the Polynesians, and we would sing through it all of course.

Other thoughts & photos from Disney World:

Yes, we went to Toy Story Land, it was sooooo fun! Toy Story mania (ride) is so awesome, even the adults ask to go again.

Toy Story Mania

Yes, we went to Pandora and the Moonlight Blossom drink was a hit with the boys.

The Frozen ride in Epcot is completely epic and is unmatched by any other “movie” ride in Disney World.

The Frozen show in Hollywood Studios is my dream of what a children’s ministry should look like. Like seriously! If I had my way with kids church, the teams, the room, the music, the lights…. the entire experience had us all engaged. Plus! It snowed inside, and no one was mad about it getting everywhere. (Casey & Isaiah- we made it happen first. *high-five*) I have a video on my IGTV, you seriously have to check it out! I promise, no regrets!


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was great, the trick-or-treating was giving me cavities and the Monsters Inc dance party was the cutest! Another clip on my IGTV covers the fireworks for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween. 

Swiss Family Robinson2



Pirates, Teacups, Dumbo, Pooh, Aladdin, Swiss Family Robinson, Frozen, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear… all a must on every Disney visit. It made for a great 10 year celebration!

The End.JPG

Trevin and I worked very hard to make this happen and we all had so much fun. Tell me, have you ever been to Disney World or Disney Land? In the comments share with me, what was your favorite show or your favorite ride?

P.S. YOU GUYS! It’s my blogs birthday!!!!! Andersonswife.com is one year old! To celebrate, I’m giving away a birthday present.  A $25 gift card to Amazon. For a chance to win all you have to do is subscribe to follow my blog. All subscriptions until Oct 31st will be entered to win. One person will win. Winner will be announced Nov 3rd.

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