I Don’t Like You


We’ve all been there, had the same moment at some point in our lives. We look in the mirror and give ourselves the side-eye. Some of us get to the place where we can accept it and some of us are never able to accept it. It’s like after fighting off all the labels the everyone else puts on you, why fight off the one you know is true? Can you think of that moment? That moment you looked yourself in the eye and said “I don’t like you” or “Why can’t you be different?”

I have actually had this moment more than once. In fact, I noticed a pattern in my life, maybe it’s true for you as well. Moments like these usually come up when someone has labeled me as something I am not, or when God is wanting to tell me more about who He created me to be and I am missing the point.

I believe God, the Christian God, is my creator, and has a plan for my life. Thus, as His creation, I choose to believe what He says about who I am. He has chosen my identity, and I have chosen to believe it and walk it out.

Okay, real talk! Flaws aside, I have a particular skill, and to be honest I hate it. I am really good at something, but it drives me nuts when people only ask about it. After hearing their thoughts I always walk away thinking “There is more to me, than JUST THIS!” Stop seeing “JUST THIS!” about me. I often shake my head and wish other things in me would be appreciated. You guys, it’s not even that great, but it is a gift. Something God has given and added to my life that when I use it to further His Kingdom, great things happen.

Here are some of the thoughts I have had regarding this gift I’ve been given:

“It’s a trap.”

“I have no future if I give this skill further attention.”

“No one cares about anything else from me, but this one thing!”

“I won’t be fulfilled if this is all I do with my life.”

About 8-9 years ago, I preached a message titled “Unfinished Masterpiece.” I studied classic art and original pieces for this message. I learned so much about artists like Michelangelo and Vincent van Gogh and recognized one simple yet profound fact. The masterpiece isn’t a masterpiece because the audience considered it fine art. It’s a masterpiece because of the artist. The creators reputation makes all the difference in naming a piece of work as a masterpiece.

The idea applies to our lives as well. We are a masterpiece, not because of how good we are at something, what we look like, or our last name. We are a masterpiece, because the Creator of the Universe, created us, named us, and calls us His. Until we die, we are all in a process, but will always still be priceless.

Here is a list of lies from Satan that I have let affect my attitude towards myself in this area:

“It’s a trap.”

“You have no future, if You give this skill further attention.”

“No one cares about anything else from me, but this one thing!”

“You won’t be fulfilled if this is all you do with your life.”

Through other people’s opinions (motives good or bad), cultural pressures, media, history, whatever, you name it! We have allowed our thoughts about ourselves to be shaped by all the wrong things. There is only one way to fix our thoughts and expose the lies we believe. There is only one way to learn to appreciate the way God made us, and that is by getting into The Word of God, and learning what He thinks of us, what He says, and what He believes.

I have a habit, my husband had to get over quickly when we first got married. I write bible verses down and post them EVERYWHERE! The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedside, shelves, make up bag, in my purse, stuck to my car keys, on my phone screen, cupboards, walls… close your eyes, spin around and point in some direction, Yes! I put a sticky note there too!

If I need to get God’s thoughts about a particular situation in my head and give up control of a situation, I get the Word in my mind. If there is something about you that is frustrating, that you aren’t sure could ever change, try this idea! Google search bible verses regarding stress, pain, lack of sleep, loneliness, hope, friendship, etc. Here are two of my favorite identity verses, for you to print, tape them up, and read them out loud in prayer or while you’re brushing your teeth! Okay, that could get messy, maybe don’t talk and brush at the same time. 😉 But do something that keeps you still for a few moments before you start the day. Think about the words, their definitions. God would not have put these words in the Bible if they were not true. Let them change your mind about who you are. Say these bible verses out loud when pressures or people try to label you, or when you are feeling frustrated, weak, sad, angry, depressed, exhausted… anything that God didn’t intend to use as a description of who you are.

I am going to say it straight, stop saying “I don’t like you!” to yourself. The truth is, SATAN DOESN’T LIKE YOU and you are repeating his words. He doesn’t like you! He doesn’t like your existence, or your future. He doesn’t like that you’re searching for God. He doesn’t like that you could live free from lies and labels that people and pressures place on you time and time again. I’m not saying these labels don’t hurt, and that they aren’t hard to fight, but I am saying they are not the truth! There is always a healer and we are more than conquerors in the end. We are not our past, we are not products of our environment. We are not our problem, even if we mess up. We can always try again! We are an unfinished masterpiece. It’s important in times like these we cling to the Word of God, increase our worship and remind ourselves who God is and who we are. Be honest with God, look yourself in the eye and be honest with yourself. Take courage my friend and go look yourself in the mirror and say “God loves you, so I choose to love you too.” Does that make sense?

*Thanks to McKenna Meyerson for the photos on the upgraded content. 


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