3 Things I Learned From My Mom


Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of my mom this mother’s day here are three things I learned from my mom, that I still try to remember and do.

1. Family First.

When we were younger my mom would say this phrase all the time. “Family First.” She was specifically referring to how we treat our siblings and our friends. We need to use our energy to treat our family better than friends. Friends come and go, family is forever. This same idea I use as a mom today. How I treat my husband and my children, is more important than how I treat a co-worker, a guest in our home, or anyone else.

2. Study God’s Word.

I could always find my mom, sitting in her bed, leaning against the wall, with a pillow on her lap, a journal and books laid out, all open, different color highlighters and 3×5 cards with definitions written on them. Some of her spiritual mentors were the authors of the books she read, including Marilyn Hickey and Joyce Meyer. She raised us kids, based on what she learned from the Bible. I literally watched her read, learn, and then turn around and teach us and put it into practice.

3. Everyone is welcome.

I grew up in a home where everyday the front door was always unlocked. Until dad went to bed, you could always walk in and find someone to watch tv, eat and talk with. Now you might say “times have changed” or you might say “well they aren’t in a big city” but I have to say “my mom was brave.” Everyone was welcome in our home, even when we were little. As a kid I remember having teens or young adults in our home. Staying with us for a night, a week, or a couple months. As a child I would crawl out of bed and hide behind the couch listening to my parents pastor teens in their youth ministry. I would lay there and listen to wisdom I wouldn’t understand until many years later. Every day our home was open. Holidays were no exception. If you didn’t have a family, consider us your family. Even if its just for this year, even if you won’t join us next year. Our hearts and home are open. Always have been. Always will be.

These three things I am constantly thinking about and hoping I can pass on to my kids. If you have a mother, or a woman who has been a special person in your life, I encourage you to send an email or take the time to call and say thank you. Share with them the 3 things you have learned and appreciate about them.

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, see my other post for this Mother’s day weekend titled 5 Things I Did As A Single Adult To Prepare For Parenting. Does that make sense?



  1. Stephanie,
    This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother.
    Now I understand even more of the why behind the phrase Family First .
    You have shared from your heart and for that we the readers are learning and growing
    Thank You
    With much love and respect
    Trina Case

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