Esther 6.6


Can you accept reality? Like real reality. The story of Esther sounds a lot like a reality show, maybe, Babylon’s Next Top Model or the Batchelor, and as interesting as those shows might be, it’s all just one perspective. What we perceive is our reality, until we let God show us more. Same with the Bible, there is always more to the story, but we won’t know that unless we read (and re-read) and ask the Holy Spirit to help us put ourselves in the shoes of those who lived in Bible times and learn their culture. Then we can understand biblical principles and know why scripture was written the way that it was.
The Bible is applicable to all that life has for us today, but if we don’t read to understand, we can’t apply it correctly to our decisions, thus living a powerless life as a Christian, and that’s not a reality we are meant to walk in.
We are overcomers no matter the challenge, peace-makers no matter the battle, and light-bearers no matter how dark it gets.