Esther 5.6


Esther’s heart was with the King, she obeyed his laws, but Mordecai had the special privilege of challenging Esther to be the best version of herself. Are you a step-parent? Have you adopted children, or been a foster parent? I personally haven’t (yet) but I have relationship with others who have opened their hearts & home and I hope this post is still encouraging.
When I read the book of Esther, I see Mordecai as he is, the uncle who adopted his niece, and ended up in a tricky situation. You may have a biological parent still in the picture or older siblings with a strong influence on those you are responsible for, but you also have a special grace and privilege to raise and challenge the next generation. Yes, it is hard, and feeling like second best can be scary, but you can do this! The Lord is with you and your family. You are shaping greatness! You got this.

Esther 4-9