Hannah 4.5

Hannah’s son. (Finally!) The blessing, the promise, the miracle, all in real life… The story of Samuel is inspiring to me. At a young age he ministered to Eli (1 Sam 2:11). Samuel didn’t know the voice of the Lord, and yet he still ministered in some capacity. (1 Sam 2:18, 1 Sam 3:7). Side Note: Its possible to be in the ministry and not have a personal relationship with God. Side Note # 2: It can start that way, but not meant to stay that way! Our maturity and spiritual growth depends on an active relationship with Christ. Okay, back to Samuel… He served where other priests and the sons of the priest were corrupt. Yet, as he grew he didn’t become corrupt, like them. THIS IS THE REASON I HAVE HOPE FOR (almost) ANYTHING. Samuel was NOT a product of his environment. You don’t have to be either. Your beginning doesn’t have to define your end. Your personal relationship with Jesus is what will carry you through the pain, the lonely, and the flat out weird things that happen in life.

Jesus is your new beginning, and can bring about a new end, if you have a relationship with Him, talking with and listening to His voice. (1 Sam 3:10)